Nexgen TNT 400

Nexgen TNT 400


TNT 400

250 Test Enanthate, 150mg Tren Enanthate

400mg per ml
10ml per Vial

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Nexgen Pharma TNT400

This remains one of our top selling products for mass and strength.  At 400mg per ml TNT400 packs a punch.  The longer enanthate esters in both the Test and the Tren can be a better starting point vs TNT400’s brother TNT200 which is very fast acting.  Tren blends are great combo for building solid gains with less water retention than some of our other products.

Recommended Dosage for Nexgen TNT 400

400mg – 800mg per week and as TNT200, we recommend to only run TNT400 for 6 – 8 weeks

Trenbolone Blend

250mg Testosterone Enanthate
150mg Trenbolone Enanthate